The Benefits of Extra Curriculum Words for Spelling in Primary School Children

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Spelling is an essential skill for primary school children to learn.
With the help of extra curriculum words, primary school children can not only improve their spelling, but also gain a better understanding of the English language and increase their confidence in the classroom.
Extra curriculum spelling and words are designed to supplement and enrich the language skills of primary school children, providing them with the extra tools they need to be successful in their studies.
In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of extra curriculum words for spelling in primary school children.

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What are extra curriculum words?

Extra curriculum words are words that are outside of the standard grade-level curriculum and may be unfamiliar to students.
These words can range from basic vocabulary, such as proper nouns, to advanced language and concepts, such as specialised terminology in a particular field.
Extra curriculum words can help to build knowledge and literacy skills for primary school children.
They offer enrichment for learning activities by allowing students to learn new words and expand their vocabulary.
In addition, extra curriculum words are often found on standardised tests, making them important for test preparation.
Extra curriculum words can be taught in various ways, including through reading, writing, spelling games, and other activities.
The key is to keep the activities fun and engaging so that students stay interested and motivated to learn.
By using extra curriculum words in your lessons and activities, you can help your child build their knowledge and become more confident spellers.

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Why are they important for spelling?

Extra curriculum words are words that are outside of the scope of the basic grade-level words taught in the classroom.
They may be higher level words, or words from specialised topics such as science, math, art, or social studies.
Extra curriculum words are important for spelling because they help children to expand their vocabulary and give them the ability to spell more complex words.
These words can be used to strengthen a child’s understanding of how language works, and give them a better foundation of reading and writing skills.
Knowing how to spell extra curriculum words can also help children feel more confident when tackling challenging assignments, tests, and exams.
Additionally, it can encourage them to become more interested in language as a whole, which is an important skill to have as they progress through school.
Learning extra curriculum words can also benefit children by introducing them to new ways of thinking.
By exploring different topics, they can gain a better understanding of the world around them and build connections between different ideas and concepts.
This type of knowledge will benefit them in the long-term by giving them the confidence to express their opinions in more detail and take on new challenges.

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How can you help your child learn them?

Learning extra curriculum words can be a great way for your primary school child to become a better speller.
But how do you go about teaching them? Here are some tips that can help:
1. Read aloud with your child. Reading aloud will not only help your child to recognise and remember the words they are hearing, but it also helps them to see how they are spelled in a book.
2. Make use of flashcards. You can easily make your own flashcards using index cards or download some from the internet.
Flashcards are an excellent tool for learning and memorising extra curriculum words.
3. Practice writing out words. Have your child write out their extra curriculum words in order to help them commit the spelling to memory.
4. Play word games. There are many word games that you can play with your child that will help them learn and remember their extra curriculum words.
Examples include Hangman, Scrabble, crossword puzzles and more.
5. Give rewards for correct spellings. Offer small incentives, such as a piece of candy or a sticker, when your child correctly spells an extra curriculum word.
This will help to encourage them to keep working hard and make learning fun.
By utilising these tips, you can give your primary school child the tools they need to become a successful speller.
With patience and consistency, they will soon be able to spell extra curriculum words with ease.

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