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Key Features

Clear and easy to understand voice

Simple and fun to use screens

Learn to type while you learn to spell

Spelling based on UK national curriculum

Weekly progress reports

Add your own custom spellings

Set weekly spellings

Our spelling wizard computer game is a fun and easy way to help kids practice and improve their spelling at their own pace

Our primary school spelling app uses games and activities to help children learn and practice their spelling, while also reinforcing the fundamentals of the English language

Online spelling test with audio

Online primary spelling programme

Fun online spelling training

We understand the importance of spelling. Being confident at spelling leads to confidence in reading and writing.

If you're looking to improve your English language skills, Spell Wizards is the perfect tool for you. With support for both UK and US English word spelling, we offer a wide range of features to make it simple for English learners all around the world.

Best app to improve students spelling

Dyslexia spellling app UK

“Spell Wizards is fantastic! My daughters spelling ability has improved since using this site. She practices her spelling independently and the parent report allows me to provide help as needed.”

Kelly Heath, Market Harborough

“I highly recommend Spell Wizards, as it has helped my child learn her spellings in a fun and engaging way.”

Crystal Carter, Market Harborough

“It’s hard trying to get my daughter to write out spellings on paper, but using Spell Wizards is great, as she thinks it’s just playing a game!”

Robert Shaw, Kettering

“Getting my two boys to practice spellings is a real battle. Then we found Spell Wizards! My boys now choose to practise their spelling only on here.”

Fiona Horne, Market Harborough

“My daughter loves spell wizards definitely worth a look at for all those parents with primary school children.”

Kara Rose, Market Harborough

“Fantastic app to help children learn to spell.”

Alexander Shields, Google review

“My son loves Spell Wizards and I would highly recommend. A great cost effective alternative to Spelling Shed.”

Kath Brown, Market Harborough

“This is a great app for helping my children to learn their school year spellings. Since using the app they have aced all their spelling tests !”

Mslambs, Apple App Store review

“The children are really enjoying spell wizards. They enjoy the way they don't realise that they're learning and they really want to do it.”

Salnam Khan, Google Play Store review

“I am so grateful for being able to help my son with his spelling. He is really struggling at school. Spell Wizards has been a great tool for us and it is helping him to get ahead in class.”

Irshd Abbasi, Google Play Store review

“Spell Wizards is the perfect programme for my six year old son who has trouble with spelling. He loves it and I am relieved that he will soon know how to spell all of his words.”

Abagai Alexan, Google Play Store review

“I was really impressed by the way this programme improved my son's spelling. He can't wait to play it every day!”

Macy be Kenzie, Google Play Store review

“I am a primary school teacher and I have been introducing Spell Wizards to my class. The children are absolutely loving it, they find it so fun and at the same time they are learning to spell. It is an excellent tool.”

Bryson Makaic, Google Play Store review

“I would highly recommend Spell Wizards, it is a good way for a child to learn how to spell for different primary school ages.”

Suzanne Lambert, Google Play Store review

“My son used it and he learned more words. He likes the interactive nature and I think that's fun for him.”

Elian Gradyde, Apple App Store review

“Easy to use and very addictive! Child was very engaged and enjoyed learning with spell wizard. Highly recommended 👍”

S4T4Y, Apple App Store review

“This app is so easy to use and well laid out so our child could just open up the app and play. We noticed how quickly our child was able to improve their spellings and apply them to sentences. The app caters for all levels throughout primary school providing not only a solid foundation for spelling but also how words can be used when writing sentences which allows for deeper understanding of the words . I definitely recommend this.”

Cz10052, Apple App Store review

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Test your spelling skills with our demo and see how easy learning can be!

Learn to spell the days for free

Learn to spell the months for free

Learn to spell the seasons for free

Free spelling test for kids

Reading Wizards - monitor reading and log pages read

For Parents

From £1.99 per month

A fun way to learn spellings

Supports listening skills

Improves typing skills

Improves spelling confidence

Track your child’s performance and progress as they learn

Set weekly spelling lists

Create custom spelling lists

Reading Wizards - monitor reading and log pages read

For Parents

From £3.99 per month

Everything included from the £1.99 per month plan

Grammar Wizards game

Battery Power (Hangman) game

Times Table Wizards game

Reading Wizards - monitor reading and log pages read

For Teachers

From £99.00 per year

Uses the UK national curriculum spelling lists

Supports classroom learning

Curriculum based spelling by KS1 and KS2

Spellings in context

Access to Grammar Wizards

For Teachers

From £299.00 per year

Curriculum & Extra Curriculum

Supports custom spelling lists

Track the performance of your class as they learn with easy to understand reports

Assign weekly spellings

Track your children’s performance and progress as they learn

For Teachers

Partnership opportunity

Don't have the funding to invest in new resources?

Earn for every new parent / carer you refer

Just want access to the UK's national curriculum spellings only?

Join thousands of others and visit us in the App Stores for the game only version!

Mastered all the UK's national curriculum spellings? Want access to over 1600 extra curriculum spellings?

Visit us in the App Stores for the extra curriculum game only version!

Need help with grammar?

Visit us in the App Stores for our Grammar Wizards game!

Check out our other fun spelling games for kids within the App Stores!

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